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Marta Mari Soprano

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Marta Mari Soprano
"Goodbye, beautiful laughing dreams of the past"
La Traviata - G.Verdi

Extract from the opera La Traviata, performed in concert form in live streaming from the Teatro Lirico of cagliari under the direction of Fabrizio Maria Carminati, the soprano Marta Mari in the role of Violetta sings "Goodbye, beautiful laughing dreams of the past".

Marta Mari Soprano
Festa dell’Opera
Special edition 2020

Video commissioned by the Teatro Grande of Brescia in collaboration with Albatros film.
Not being able due to the Covid pandemic to make the work day project that has been done in Brescia for years where the singers perform in different areas of the city, the theater has chosen some well-known singers and 3 venues in which to shoot the video. In this case, soprano Marta Mari and mezzo-soprano Romina Tomasoni are present they sing at the park of the Cave at dawn, symbol of a new beginning.

Marta Mari Soprano
The placid night is silent
Il Trovatore - G.Verdi

A small excerpt from the opera Il Trovatore by G. Verdi
performed at the Zandonai Theater in Rovereto directed by Luigi Orfeo and directed by Lorenzo Tazzieri. The video is the first aria "Silent the placid night" by one of the protagonists of the opera Leonora (Marta Mari), where he tells his lady Ines the day she met her lover Manrico for the first time.

Marta Mari Soprano in Suor angelica
Without mom

An excerpt from the opera Suor Angelica staged at the Coccia Theater in Novara
under the direction of Gian Maria Aliverta and the direction of Daniele Agiman. The video shows the protagonist Sister Angelica (Marta Mari) singing the aria "Without mom" after learning that her son has died.

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I am the humble handmaid
Soprano Marta Mari

Final of the Giusy Devinu Competition held at the Teatro Lirico Cagliari where the soprano Marta Mari won first place.